Overview Site Plan Game Board Detail Wobbly Bridge Undulating Pitch Sidewinder Slide Balancing Bar

Architecture: Flowspace- Jonathan Dawes, Fumiko Kato
Landscape: David Buck Landscape Architecture- David Buck
Cost Consultant: Stockdale- Greg Franklin

John Leigh Park, Altrincham, Manchester- 2007

Competition for a childrens' playground in John Leigh Park, on the outskirts of Manchester, to be funded by a section 106 agreement on behalf of Urbansplash.
The game board grid provides an open network of spaces with different types of play equipment that each form part of the game. The matrix is laid onto the ground like a cloth. The game board changes with a new undulating topography inserted into the existing John Leigh Park.
The snakes and ladders are furniture-like elements that respond or react to the high and low points of the playground. The matrix is open and adaptable to allow additional equipment to be applied or inserted in the future to add to the complexity and richness of the playground.
Trees within the park are part of the board and are integrated into the game board features and also provide natural shelter both from rain and sun. The equipment can be played both individually or as a sequence of events. The play equipment becomes more adventurous as you move up the board, requiring less supervision from the starting point.

How to play:

  1. Take turns on the roundabout until it stops to get a number from 1-6. If dizziness ensues alternatively use die or dice.
  2. Move along the squares on the board (ground).
  3. Red squares are ladders- this gives you the opportunity to move up the board by playing on the apparatus. If you are successful move up the ladder.
  4. Blue squares are snakes- this hazard will possibly move you down the board if you are unsuccessful on the apparatus.
  5. The first to reach to 106 and score a goal against their opponent wins the game.