Overview of scheme
Overview of scheme Existing site plan Proposed clusters Canalization of streets Strategies for refurbishment Camouflage conceptual diagrams Seriation of saddlebag scheme Elevation of new skin Inhabitation of new layer Garden view

Architecture: Flowspace Architecture- Jonathan Dawes, Fumiko Kato
Urbanism: Pool Architecture & Urbanism- Dagobert Bergmans
Façade: Akiboye Conolly- Simon Conolly
Structure: Arup- Carolina Bartram
Services: Arup- Lesley Gale
Costs: Jackson Coles- Derek Hand

Brooks Road Estate, Plaistow, London, UK- 2003/4

Shortlisted RIBA competition entry for 200 housing units in Plaistow, East London. £8.6m budget cost. Spaces in between buildings within the existing Brooks Road Estate were barren landscapes and buildings were detached from their surroundings. Retained low-rise housing received 'saddlebag' structures providing terraces and additional internal accommodation. We also proposed a number of measures to break down the scale of the urban plan. Courts were created, seen as a transition zone between street and dwelling. These were demarcated by changes in material to create a psychological as opposed to a physical boundary. A 'canalisation' of the streets within the scheme created an intensification of existing roads which became homezones, removing the unobserved arterial paths that covered the existing zone.