Flowspace is concerned with the development of architecture built on a critical understanding of both material context and patterns of use. Projects evolve through an intensive reading of the individual situation and programme. Analogies common to both are revealed and developed into architectural ideas explored at the scale of the city, street and the scale of inhabitation.
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Jonathan Dawes BSc(Hons) AA Dipl ARB
Jonathan studied Architecture at the University of East London and the Architectural Association. After graduating from the AA Diploma School in 1999 he has worked for various practices in London and founded Flowspace Architecture in 2003. Jonathan was Degree & Diploma Unit Master at the School of Architecture and the Visual Arts, University of East London from 2002-2006. Currently he is Unit Master of intermediate Unit 6 at the Architectural Association.
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Fumiko Kato BSc(Hons) Dip Arch
Born in Japan, Fumiko studied Architecture at Osaka Institute of Technology and the University of East London School of Architecture. Fumiko has worked for Brisac Gonzalez Architecture, Gregori Chiarotti Architects, FLACQ and Cotterell Vermeulen Architecture on projects of various scales. Currently she is Unit tutor of intermediate Unit 6 at the Architectural Association.